Training, we meet at 6:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays at various locations around the area, specific details of where can be found in the training schedule page.  

Janet is our Monday night run leader. This is a social run, a chance for a recovery run after a big weekend of running and a chat with friends. Slower runners will sometimes set off a bit earlier than 6:30pm so everybody can run at pace which is comfortable for them. A laid back run at your own pace with a chance to get to know everybody.

Kevin is our Thursday night run leader; he is a qualified hill/fell running coach with British Athletics. The Thursday night sessions are structured training sessions and will often involve practicing off road running skills in the warm ups. These are a fun way to start the sessions.  

The sessions are often split into different groups to suit all abilities.

Down technique being evaluated during a recce of Durisdeer race route.

Here we are having a bit of fun in our warm up for a harder interval session, we are trying to improve our agility balance and coordination in this video with the use of some old tyres.