What are we all about?

About HHRC

What is Hartfell Hill Running Club?

Hartfell Hill Running Club is a dedicated hill and off road running club catering to runners in Dumfries and Galloway. The club is named after one of the Moffat hills' larger Corbetts, Hartfell. Hartfell is also the highest summit on the club's signature Hartfell Horseshoe Hill race, a race of just over 10 miles with 3,000ft of climbing which is held every summer. The race originator is our President Jim Buchannan. The symbol of the heart is often used to represent love and Fell is an old word to describe high moorland, which is typical to South West Scotland, hence the name could also mean "Love the high moorlands."

We endeavour to encourage and provide a safe path for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the sport of hill running in Dumfries and Galloway; we are especially keen to get more young people involved in the sport. The club is unattached and we support Scottish Hill Running (the governing body for hill running in Scotland) and abide by their values and recommendations.

What is Hill Running?

If you are unsure if hill running is for you or want to understand it better please look at the Scottish Hill Running Link below:-


The Club Format

Hartfell Hill Running Club is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in Scotland.

Why a company limited by guarantee?

In summary, to protect members from any future potential financial liability of Hartfell Hill Running Club. By being a company limited by guarantee all members' maximum liability is limited to £1, in the unlikely event that the club was unable to meet its liabilities.

The majority of running and athletic clubs are legally defined as unincorporated associations, which means they have no separate legal identity, and all club members have joint and several liability for their club's liabilities. In addition that liability is potentially unlimited.

The club is a not for profit Community Amateur Sporting Club limited by guarantee. This means in effect the club is a "mini charity" so long as its annual turnover does not exceed £5,000. This allows the club not to be liable for tax, and to get gift aid on any donation made to the club. It also means the club is eligible for various Grants.

The club has a private Public Liability insurance cover for £5M.

The Club Ethos: not only a hill running club

The club endeavours to pursue a non-commercial ethos and it tries to support local races, communities and charities, the local Mountain Rescue being a favourite one. If an event involves getting muddy, wet and is for a local good cause it will generally get the club's support. We encourage a laid back, non-pressurised environment for members, friends of members, family of members and any non-members that should join us in a run. We really are only in favour of rules which ensure our safety and the safety of others with us and to ensure fair competition in races.

We are not only a Hill running club, although hill running might be our first love, but also support those of our members who enjoy hill walking, cycling up the roads on the hills of SW Scotland or the Lake District, or Mountain Biking, ultra races and trails or open water swimming in the lochs in SW Scotland. We like orienteering too, and Park Runs; OK they are often on tarmac but are non-commercial so that is OK. We sometimes run on tarmac but we try and keep that secret.

Race hard, especially if there is another local club vest in front of you, but party with your rivals afterwards and thank them, for "it is the wolf that makes the deer strong." Friends first, competitors second.


The club tries to follow the best practice in Governance and has an open policy with a view to any of its meetings. All members are equal, any member can attend any committee meeting/ management meeting and vote if there is something on the agenda that is of interest to them, or just attend any way to ensure fair governance. (The exception is a disciplinary meeting, until it goes to appeal.)

Club Competitions

The club has a winter series competition, starting with Tinto Hill Race in November and finishing with Criffel Hill Race in March.  We then have our summer championship which runs from April (starting with Screel Hill Race) until October.

Club members also administrate and promote the Dumfries and Galloway Area Hill Running
Championship, this is open to any hill runner not just club members.


We have social runs and structured training and at the weekends our members do various runs, some of which are long training runs and can be away from the area - down to the Lake District or North as far as the Highlands for example.  Alternatively they may be racing in either club races or Scottish Hill Running races. We like to support our local hill races wherever possible. Some of our runners contend in the SHR Scottish National Championships.

Current Members' races

As per the club constitution, races belong to the club member who is the Race Organiser however, as club members are friends, if a member has a race all will try to help out or support it if they can.

  • The Hartfell Horseshoe Hill race, 10ish mile hill race. The originator of this was our President Jim B.  It is now run on a slightly different route by Kev Plummer with Jim's help.
  • The Durisdeer Hill Race organised by Adam.  Again a 10ish mile hill race, but is even tougher than the Hartfell race. This race has been a British and Scottish Championship race in the past.
  • The Stag to Hind Hill Race, a short mid-week race of less than 3 miles. This is great for beginners to try out as their first hill race. It starts and finishes by the Stag pub in Moffat. First man and first woman get an impressive trophy of a Red Deer for one year if they win the race.
  • The Tour de Moffat race, more a cross-country type race of 6 miles which takes in the boundary of Moffat town. Another race from Jim B.
  • The Wamphray Glen Race, just less than 5 miles long and a multi-terrain race which has a bit of everything in it. It starts and finishes at Kev Plummer's house with hot food for all afterwards.