The 3M Round

Moffat Mountain Marathon Challenge

The 3M Round is a challenge in the same vain as the Bob Graham, Ramsey and Paddy Buckley Rounds, although it is around half the total distance at 33 miles. 

The details of the 3M round are taken from the LDWA website (link below):

"The Moffat Mountain Marathon is an Anytime Challenge walk/run over the Moffat Hills in the heart of the Scottish Southern Uplands. The route is a demanding one over mainly trackless and remote terrain in high mountain country with ascent/descent of around 9,000ft. Navigational skills are essential. The route includes the ascent of two Corbetts (Scottish hills above 2500ft with at least a 500ft drop on all sides), ten Donalds (2000ft + hills in the Scottish 'Lowlands') and two Donald Deweys (500m - 609m Scottish hills with a drop on all sides of at least 30m). The highest point reached is the summit of White Coomb, 821m (2693ft). Only two isolated dwellings are passed en route, at Fruid Farm and at Corehead, and only one road, the latter a minor single track mountain road at approximately the half-way stage of the route. The last 9 km involves relatively low level route on good paths, tracks and a quiet lane.Enter your text here...

Club Members Kevin Plummer and Alison Banford took on the challenge on the 12th October 2019 and have set the record time for the route of 10 hours 39 minutes, they had club support from, Louise Plummer, Jim Buchannan, Nigel Priestley, providing road support. For support on the hill they had Adrian Dean, Nick Munro, Joanne Johnstone, Ian Padley and Janet Priestley. See the route they took below in the link.

Here is a full report of the attempt.

A Few Photos from a good long day on the hill with friends.

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