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Tour De Moffat Race - Race Report by Yvonne Kerr

32 runners took part in the Tour De Moffat race at the weekend (24th November). Entry was free with donations to Moffat mountain rescue and a fantastic sum of £327 was raised. The course is a mix of trail, hill and road and goes around the circumference of Moffat. Conditions were good for November with a slight drizzle, no wind and only slightly muddy on the field and hill sections.

It was good to see runners from other local clubs coming along to support the race and we had runners from Lauderdale limpers, Kirkintilloch Olympians, Tinto hill runners, Dumfries harriers, Hamilton harriers, Dumfries running club and Cairnsmore mile munchers. We would like to thank all runners for taking part. We would also like to thank Kevin Plummer and Jim Buchanan for organising the race. Thanks also go to Moffat Outdoors and Ambercare for sponsoring the prizes for each category and to all the marshals, time keepers, supporters and to anyone else who came along to help.

Adam Park of Hartfell hill running club was first overall in a time of 37.10 breaking last year's course record of 37.28 set by Matt Sullivan. Alison Banford also of Hartfell hill running club was first female overall in a time of 42.09 also breaking last year's course record 46.46 set by Rosie Allen. Second male was Marc Wilkinson from Lauderdale limpers (37.16) and third male and 1st male vet 50 was Adam Anderson of Hartfell hill running club in a time of 39.44. Second female overall was Claire McArthur of Hamilton harriers and third female overall was Auzzine Ward (50.02) of Kirkintilloch Olympians.

Ist vet 40 male was David Allsop (Kirkintilloch Olympians), 1st vet 50 male Adam Anderson (Hartfell), 1st vet 60 male Rory Longmore (Hartfell) and 1st vet 70 male was Kenny Patterson (Hartfell). 1st female Auzzie ward (Kirkintilloch Olympians), 1st female vet 40 Alison Banford (Hartfell), 1st female vet 5o Janet Priestley (Hartfell) and 1st female vet 60 Clare Noble. 

Tinto Hill Race - Race Report by Yvonne Kerr

11 Hartfell hill running club runners took part in the Tinto hill race on the 3rd of November. Overall 188 runners took part in the race. Conditions at the time of the race were dry with glimpses of blue sky and no wind to speak of. The route itself was muddy and slippy in places after a week of wet weather.

Winner of the race was Eoin Lennon from Carnethy hill running club (31.34) and first lady was our very own Alison Banford in a time of 41.33

First Hartfell runner was Leo Blamire in a time of 38.02, second Hartfell runner was Adam Anderson in 38.51 and third Hartfell runner was Alison Banford (41.33). well done to all runners who took part and our thanks go to Carnethy hill running club and Tinto hill running club for a great well organised hill race and for their hospitality. 

Winter league series 2019/2020

The best of 6 races from 7 to count.

1st place will get 30 points, 2nd 28 points, and 3rd place 17 points and so on.

There will be an age grade, a men's and women's competitions.

Your age at the first race of the Championship will used to work your AG for the rest of the Championship even if you have a birthday during the Champs.

An individual can only win one prize in the Series, as per SHR rules you are only allowed one prize in any one championship.

Club vests must be worn at all non-HHRC events and SHR/FRA events, members are allowed one event without a club vest then failure to wear a vest will result in the no points being given in the championship unless a suitable reason can be given.

Tinto 2nd November

Tour De Moffat 24th of November

Cairnsmore hell race 7th December

Screel and Bengairn race 22nd December, could possibly be santa themed Christmas run.

Greenmantle dash 2nd January

Wamphray glen 10th February

Criiffel March date to be confirmed.

Other events of note.

Parkrun 14th December

8th December Bowhill Duathlon short race

12th January Bowhill Duathlon Medium race

27th January Devil's Burden Relay

17th February Frank Skachill Valentine run.

23th February Bowhill Duathlon